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I’m A Private Eye Looking For A Stealthy Ride For $20,000! What Car Should I Buy?

I’m a private investigator and I need a new car.

But, I hate car shopping.

So, I asked my fellow bloggers and auto junkies at Jalopnik, “What Car Should I Buy?”

It’s a weekly segment they do: these dudes (NOT SALESMEN) help REAL people find ACTUAL vehicles for sale.

And then they hilariously write about it.

Check out their advice for me.

“Adam is a private investigator who spends hours behind the wheel getting the scoop and tracking bad guys. He needs a ride that is good for work and family, something that can blend in but still looks professional. What car should he buy?

Unlike Magnum P.I., Adam doesn’t work in Hawaii, and for him to nab the bad guys, stealth, patience, and diligence are key. Therefore, he needs one that he can spend a lot of time in, but won’t be noticed easily.

Here is the scenario:

I’m a private investigator and business owner who needs both a surveillance vehicle for tracking down bad guys out in the field, but one that also doubles as respectable business owner’s ride for when I pull up to sales calls and client meetings. My current SUV (a 2006 GMC Envoy Denali) is at 200,000 miles and like any one at that mileage, needs to be replaced.

I’ve got a budget of about $20,000 and the biggest thing is this car must be unremarkable. It’s got to blend in. No sports cars, nothing weird or funky. Also, in addition to hauling my gear, I use the car to tote my family around to events and such so it needs to be practical as well.”

Tell me which one I should BUY in the COMMENTS below!!

Click here to read the full story: http://jalopnik.com/im-a-private-eye-looking-for-a-stealthy-ride-for-20-00-1793549299

Which one should I buy? Reply in the comments!

  1. 2013 Toyota Siena
  2. 2016 Chrysler Town and County
  3. Toyota Avalon
  4. 2013 Suzuki Kizashi
  5. 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited
  6. Ford Mustang

4 replies
  1. Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen says:

    You need a reliable and nondescript vehicle where you can move around and stretch during long hours of surveillance. Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey are the best choices. Stay with gray or silver. A gray minivan is practically invisible in any type of neighborhood. (15 years of experience as PI in CA).

    Notes: Go easy on spilling our secrets. We might all end up unemployed. LOL

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    I believe that electric cars are the future of surveillance vehicles… The ability to run aircon on a hot day without starting the vehicle’s engine is a game changer for surveillance assignments. That, and the ability to charge a notebook/camera without running the engine or installing aftermarket batteries. It might take a couple of years before you’re able to pickup a decent EV for $20,000 though!

    • Adam Visnic
      Adam Visnic says:

      Mark – I’m in total agreement. I’m waiting for the day when I can do surveillance in an electric (or even a hybrid car). Who wouldn’t mind doing surveillance in a Tesla or the new Ford F150 Lightning?? ‍♂️


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