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Experience Modification Rate

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve come to this realization – not only do you need to understand your product or service and how to target your market, but you face a ton of collateral technicalities. There are rules, regulations, and laws for nearly every possibility. Some of these protect consumers, others your employees, […]

Effective Return to Work (RTW) Programs

Companies of all sizes should have return-to-work (RTW) programs in place. When an injured employee makes a seamless transition back to full duty, everybody wins. Ideally, RTW programs (sometimes called modified duty, light-duty and transitional duty) are launched with extensive training in how to avoid injury in the first place. The best time to implement […]

Designing Workplace Safety Incentive Schemes That Work

As a private investigator, I’ve seen first-hand the costs of workplace accidents, and the challenge of trying to reduce them. While my role focuses primarily on eliminating fraud, waste and abuse on the back-end of claims, increasingly, employers are looking for ways to address workplace safety issues before they arise, not least through incentive-based schemes. […]

Grown Men Call Me To Cry

What if… … you fell in love with someone? … married that someone? … bought a house together? … raised a family together? … and spent years together? And then, what if… … that person cheated on you? … and you found out? What would you do? How would you feel? Who could you talk […]