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Unraveling Deceit: How a Private Investigator Exposed Workers’ Compensation Fraud and Infidelity


In the intriguing world of private investigation, each case promises a new adventure and a deeper insight into human psychology and deceit.

My recent case, humorously titled “I Caught Him Cheating… Twice!”, serves as a perfect example of how workers’ compensation claims, often perceived as straightforward, can unfold into complex narratives of fraud and personal betrayal.

This blog post delves into the intricate investigation process and reveals how vigilance can uncover the truth behind seemingly innocent claims.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Fraud:

Workers’ compensation fraud occurs when an individual falsely claims injury to receive financial benefits.

The repercussions of such deceit are not only financially burdensome on employers but also on honest workers genuinely in need of support.

In this case, the claimant, a seemingly injured worker, showcased activities that were highly suspicious for someone suffering from a severe foot injury.

The Stakeout Begins:

Armed with a camera, laptop, and an unyielding resolve, I set out to uncover the truth. The subject claimed he couldn’t walk without pain, yet he was observed engaging in activities that contradicted his claims—from coaching a youth football team to lifting heavy equipment at a rental property he owned.

Key Investigation Tactics Used:

  1. Surveillance: Multiple days of following the subject revealed his true physical capabilities, as he moved freely and without the pain he claimed to have.
  2. Hidden Cameras: These were crucial in gathering evidence. Video footage showed him performing physical tasks that someone with a genuine foot injury would avoid.
  3. Property Records Search: By examining property records and LLC filings, I discovered additional assets under the subject’s name, crucial for understanding the full scope of his activities.

Dramatic Revelations:

The turning point in the investigation was capturing him on film at a local movie theater where he met with someone who was clearly more than just a friend—this rendezvous happened right before they watched “Gone Girl,” a film about deceit and revenge, adding a layer of irony to the case.

Unveiling the Truth:

As the investigation drew to a close, the evidence was undeniable.

Not only was the subject faking his injury, but he was also cheating on his spouse.

The final piece of the puzzle fell into place when I filmed him entering a home improvement store and later manually installing heavy cabinetry at one of his properties.


The case of “I Caught Him Cheating… Twice!” is a stark reminder of the complexities that private investigators often navigate.

It wasn’t just about proving the physical capabilities of the claimant but also exposing the double life he led.

Workers’ compensation fraud is a serious crime that can have significant repercussions, including legal action and personal consequences for those involved.

As a private investigator, it is my duty to ensure that the truth is revealed, maintaining the integrity of workers’ compensation systems and holding deceitful individuals accountable for their actions.

Call to Action:

If you suspect fraudulent activities, whether in professional or personal matters, do not hesitate to reach out for professional investigative services.

Remember, a good private investigator doesn’t just uncover facts, they provide clarity and peace of mind.