hospital canvass

Hospital Canvass

It’s cost-effective and incredibly valuable.

What the hospital canvass can do:

  • Identify and defend against possible insurance fraud,
  • Verify treatment and confirm the alleged date of injury,
  • Assess if an injury is truly related to the claim,
  • Discover previous treatment for a similar injury,
  • Determine if the claimant has a history of prior claims,
  • Equip you with the knowledge of where and when the claimant has been treated,
  • Bring to light treatment in other geographic locations,
  • Dispute the extent of the injury,
  • Locate the claimant’s primary care physician,
  • Confirm a gym and/or sports club memberships,
  • Uncover addictions or drug-seeking behavior with a pharmacy canvass,
  • Determine whether the claimant has a history of depression, anxiety or sleep disorders,
  • Substantiate or disprove the claimant’s complaints and treatment history.

Simply enter your Subject’s information, pick a location in which to start the canvass, and then our trained experts legally contact as many 50 locations within a 50-100 mile radius for potentially undisclosed medical treatment by your Subject.

Nationwide coverage with a quick turnaround.