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The Reason You Got Burned: The Neighbors

The Setup If you’ve ever done surveillance, many times it’s not the Subject who ends up burning you – it’s the neighbors. Wait, what? In this post, let’s talk about: The Reason You Got Burned The Neighbors Legal disclaimer. Never construe anything I say to be legal advice. I’m not a lawyer. Also, personal disclaimer: […]

The Reason You Got Burned: Parking Too Close

The Setup So, you got burned and you don’t know why. Was it because you parked too close to your Subject’s house? I’ve seen thousands of hours of video footage taken by private investigators on covert surveillance. I was both the regional manager and lead investigator for two different companies. So that meant in addition […]

Workplace Accident Investigations

Workplace Accident Investigations Many workplaces equate a workplace accident investigation by identifying the party to blame for it. The actual goal of a workplace accident investigation is to prevent its re-occurrence. While your firm may tackle the workers’ compensation process alone, we believe you better serve your company and its employees’ safety by including a […]