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What do you do when you get subpoenaed to testify at trial or give a deposition?

Often private Investigators are called to testify or give a deposition in court on the cases they work.

Host, Matthew Spaier, and I discuss our experiences in court and with depositions.

Matthew is a great interviewer, private investigator, and entrepreneur to boot!

He has only one flaw – he’s a Mets fan. Don’t hold that against him though (I’m a Reds fan)

Nonetheless, I was honored to be a guest on his show. It was a true pleasure. (We have way more in common than we knew)

In his podcast, we discuss:
– our experiences in court and depositions,
– major league baseball,
– avoiding going to law school,
– Justin Bieber(?!?)
– and much more.

Join PI Perspectives host, Matthew Spaier each week as he dives into the perspectives of what it takes to be a successful Private Investigator.

Hear Matthew’s take on how to build your business and learn techniques to help you be the very best investigator you can be.

Join us as we look to elevate the profession thru effective and concise experience-based knowledge and discussion.

Matthew’s 24 years of investigative experience in New York City has given him a unique perspective on how to succeed from case to case.

Also, tune in and hear the perspectives of the very best minds in the investigative community.

Join us as we revolutionize how knowledge is shared as we break social and geographical barriers to help you be the best professional you can be.

This program has topics of interest for the novice gumshoe all the way up to the seasoned professional.

You never know who’s perspective will be under the magnifying glass each week. Thanks for Listening.

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