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“What Camera Is In Your Bag?”

Technology changes.

As private investigators, we have to stay on top of the latest and greatest tech trends.

That includes updating the type of cameras, camcorders, and spy cams we use.

I wanted to know what my fellow private investigators use on surveillance every day.

So, I posed the question: “What is in your bag right now?”

The results were astonishing – 40 top private eyes answered.

And a majority used one type of camcorder.

Check out the results:

Camera Types with pictures

Their favorite camera???

The Sony AX53

Knowing the Sony AX53 shoots in 4K, has 20x optical and 250x digital zoom, has Sony’s night shot, and balanced Steady Shot, it makes sense.

It covers all your bases.

On the covert camera side of the list is the:

LawMate Key Fob Camera

12.5% used the Lawmate key fob camera for their covert operations. I’ve used a key fob camera like this on my covert surveillance operations for several years, and would never trade it in.

Adding these two to your arsenal is a huge upgrade.

And if you’re just starting out, making these your go-to tech resources is a solid move.

The Sony clocks in at ~$850 and the LawMate at $275, so if you’re concerned about price, there are some less expensive options.

Sorted by price:

cameras by price

Thanks to all the private investigators who helped out! Your answers were greatly appreciated.