Must Read private investigator Books 2021

Must Read (Non-Fiction) Private Investigator Books for 2021

If you are a PI, new to the PI world, or are just interested in what PIs do, I did the dirty work for you and read four books you should definitely pick up today AND I’ll share what I learned. 

So, if you haven’t yet figured it out yet, I’m obsessed with reading books. 99% non-fiction, usually about either business-related stuff or private investigations. Since I’ve never had any traditional business education nor is there a formal PI career path, reading was my way of getting ahead.

I recently listened to The Modern Detective on Audible by Tyler Maroney and was thoroughly impressed. 

Then it got me to thinking, “let’s ask some of my fellow private investigators, those who had been featured in the P.I. Hero Interview series, and read their books.” Andrew Kidd, Kelly Paxton, and Scott Fulmer graciously sent over copies of theirs. 

So, I’m going to dive into each book. And, if you want to skip ahead because maybe you’ve already got one of these in your library, you can click on the “Chapters” section at the bottom of the screen and jump right to each individual book review.

Oh, and one more thing, you can click the description section below to add these to your Amazon Booklist or purchase them right away.

On to the reviews: