Surveillance – The 7 Step Process for Maximum Results

Would you like to know more about surveillance, but you don’t know what you’re actually getting? 

We’ve written about surveillance before, but you might be asking how it can help you. 

No problem – read below.

First, an experienced and highly-trained private investigator combs through the information you provide and verifies it through multiple sources. These sources are databases, record providers, repositories, and open sources.

Second, a preliminary investigation is conducted. Using keyidentifiers, we determine your Subject’s:

  • places of residence,
  • vehicles,
  • phone numbers,
  • roommates,
  • neighbors,
  • identifying pictures,
  • the residences’ satellite imagery,
  • key public records,
  • social media profiles,
  • search engine results,
  • and much more.

As a result, we’re getting a clear picture of who your Subject is and their habits. We’re also developing key leads – indications of what your Subject may do in the future.

Third, the surveillance operative develops a game plan. Depending on the location of the surveillance, we’ll begin a stationary stakeout at a designated time. The first day is typically started early in the morning and can be altered on successive days depending on the patterns your Subject displays.

Fourth, we go where your Subject goes. Whether on foot, in a vehicle, onto public property, and anywhere we’re legally allowed to go – we follow. Our surveillance operatives covertly document your Subject’s activities with a handheld, high-definition camcorders, and covert cameras. You can request a single “day-in-the-life” of your Subject, multiple days worth of surveillance, or even use multiple operatives for week-long or month-long cases.

Fifth, within 24 hours, you’ll be emailed a synopsis of the key points that occurred during the previous day’s surveillance, with the footage captured that day available to you in a secure digital storage link. We’ll let you know our recommendations and the plan for future efforts.

Sixth, once you’re satisfied with the results or your budget has been reached, a full court-room ready report is finalized and submitted to you in digital form. The full footage from each day is also provided to you in a link, but we can process copies of the footage to DVDs upon your request.

Lastly, we partner with your legal team and other parties to use the evidence in the most effective way. If we are called to give a deposition, or testify, we can do that. Our goal is to give you peace of mind, save you money, and win the case!